Mobile Alarm Resposne


Commercial or Private Residence & Emergency Alarm Response

Reduced police resources and the rapid growth of false alarm activations created the “False Alarm Reduction Program”. Several Municipal and Federal Police Agencies have utilized this program in conjunction with “False Alarm Fines” to address these false alarms or faulty equipment activations requiring police attendance.  

The “False Alarm Reduction Program” now requires in nearly all alarm situations “visible or confirmed” proof that unlawful entry has been gained, or there is visible proof of vandalism observed by the client, alarm holder or Security Patrol Agents before Police attend.


Our Mobile Security Patrol Agents are trained to respond and assess alarm call-out codes and logistics as well as address the appropriate response in case of an actual confirmed “Break and Enter”.  The responding Security Agent will notify the proper authorities and secure the clients property until the client, police or Key holder is in attendance.

Types of Alarm Call-outs:

  • Vestibule Glass Breaks
  • Window Glass Breaks
  • Front Door, Rear Door and Garage
  • Internal Motion
  • System Tamper / Trouble
  • Temperature or Fire Suppression