Apartment / Strata & Private Residential


Convenient, Affordable Professional Security Patrol Service

Private and Commercial dwellings are faced with several criminal activities and property crime vulnerabilities.  Not only are these dwellings faced with break and entry or auto theft, today’s strata buildings and apartment complexes are dealing with internal loitering, vandalism, drugs, tenant disputes and constant containment breaches.  

Our Mobile Security Patrol Agents are trained with diverse conflict resolution and tactical “respectful” communications in regards to site and conflict assessment, solutions and client expressed protocols. 


Building Safety & Integrity (external and/or internal patrols)
Occupant complaint or emergency response
Remote IP Surveillance checks (Install or existing CCTV applications)
Underground Parking Patrol and Target Hardening
Vacation & Family event or confirmation watch
System Alarm Response
Containment Breaches
Forced Entry
Mischief Call-outs
Noise Violations
Unlawful Assemble
Domestic Complaints
Tenant Escorts
Occupant Confirmation