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Consulting Services
Property Threat Assessment
  Personnel / Property Protection Planning  
  Violence in the Work Place (Detection & Countermeasures)  
  Internal Theft & Loss Prevention  

Security Development Planning & Assessments: Co-operative Housing / Apartments / Private Residence


Property Threat Assessment
Service Plans

Plan (A)
Introductory Physical Security Assessment (On-Site) addresses your immediate areas of vulnerability and concerns. Once our Consultant concludes the initial walk through an in-depth report identifying theses areas will be provided for your records within one business week.

Plan (B)
Detailed Physical Security Assessment + Enhancements Plans addresses your immediate areas of vulnerability and concerns while developing a detailed written report that will provide security enhancement options and applications that will enhance and fortify your existing facilities.
Detailed report will be provided for your records within two business weeks.

Special Investigations
Hotel: Site Surveillance & Employee Due Diligence Investigations
  Care Home & Daycare: Facility Investigations  
  Transport: Delivery Surveillance & GPS Tracking Investigations  
  Warehouse: Assembly & Shipping (Graveyard Investigations)  
  Night Club & Pub / Bars: Employee Due Diligence Investigations  
  Employment: Harassment & Wrongful Dismissal Investigations  
  Contract Verification: Covering All Services, Including (Security Guard Services)  
Mobile Patrol Service
Strata, Apartment & Private Residential Site Checks
  Alarm Company Response  
  Underground Parkade & Exterior Parking Lot Checks  
  Emergency Site Response  

Mobile Security Website


Paradox Prevention Private Investigators offer services on the following types of cases with guaranteed anonymity and discretion.



If the question ever arises that you believe your significant other is involved in questionable activities, then your first step should be giving our private investigations firm a call so we can help. Our private investigators
will provide you with the information you need to make the appropriate decisions in regards to your emotional wellbeing, ending your continuous emotional roller coaster.

Our private investigation can discreetly uncover your significant others activities through photographs, proof and video surveillance proving their wrongful actions.

If you read this short list of indicators, could this be happening in your relationship?

  • Constant Aggravation & Short Temper
  • Intimacy & Sexual Activity Decrease
  • Distance in Personality Characteristics
  • Secret Conversations & Phone Calls
  • Unaccountable Time Apart
  • Unexplained Expenses or Whereabouts
  • Strange Intimacy Activities & Personality Changes

Always remember “Suspicions Are Not Truths”, so don’t accuse your significant other without proof. Without proof accusing someone can cause you to be the victim of your own suspicions even if your not wrong.

So if you need help give contact our private investigators and we will work with you. Together we can help you expose the questionable activities and behavior, or exonerate your partner from all wrongdoings.


Our firm offers a lifestyle Analysis Intel service uncovering the following: Confirmation of subject identity & physical address, Confirmation of employment and occupation, Personal associations and frequented locations including personal habits, Substance abuse, Addictions including relationship status being either single with children, engaged or married etc.  


Teen Activities often go unnoticed by parents for long periods of time. Our detailed investigation service will verify or uncover activities such as drug abuse, addictions, gang affiliations, new religious beliefs and activities that if left unseen could prove fatal.


Witness Interviews are extremely vital in determining testimonial evidence recognition by supporting or weeding out false accusations in legal cases. Paradox Prevention private investigators apply effective interview techniques that uncover deception during the interview process, ultimately making the difference between winning and losing a contested court case.


There are several reasons why an individual or business entity might need to confirm someone's identity or extra curricular activates. Paradox Prevention offers a discreet private intelligence investigation into the person or person's in question. Our methodology in dealing with investigations of this nature are in depth and discreet. Our Intelligence investigations do not require request or requisition documents.


Paradox Prevention specializes in all aspects of Civil & Criminal white collar crimes and civil venues.


red & glassy droopy eyes
acts slightly sedated
depression, sudden weight loss
changes in personality & memory
argumentative, verbally abusive
sudden temper outburst

For further information on these services, or if you have any questions, please call our office @ 604.628.8733 or fill out your request of service via our inquires page. Inquiries



Paradox Prevention can help you identify and retrieve deceitful information from your computer and storage media (hard drives, diskettes, backup tapes, etc.). Our investigative services can provide crucial information and evidence regarding concerns of how your computer system is being used example: curious teen or mischievous spouse.

Our Computer Forensics service can uncover crucial evidence on your PC that might have been overlooked, undiscovered, or misplaced. Paradox Prevention Computer Forensics service utilizes expert techniques that will ensure that all digital data has been properly handled within the legal principles of security, continuity and accountability


Unlisted, private cellular or landline reverse directory service. You want to know who's calling your spouse, or home! Need to serve or locate a person in regards to affidavit of service.


Received a threatening letter from a co-worker or a letter of distress from a loved one?


Our specialized covert Anti- Stalking and Protection Investigations reveal tangible intelligence, video and still print surveillance evidence.

Due to the nature of these investigations specialized covert equipment is utilized to provide our clients with complete anonymity while revealing or uncovering the nature of threat.




Civil & Criminal Specialty Investigations
Covert Surveillance (Guaranteed Anonymity)
Person or Person(s) of interest Intel Reports
(Undeclared) Income Verification & Locates
Domestic / Spousal Family Investigations
Handwriting Analysis Profiling
Reverse Landline / Cellular Reports
Process Serving & Locates
Real Time Live GPS Covert Tracking
Co-operative Housing Conflicts
Dynamic Integrity Meeting Consulting
Commercial Loss Prevention Tel; Consulting


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