Paradox Prevention specializes in security consulting and private investigations covering all white collar crimes meeting the needs of our personal clients. Our service is designed to deter and prevent financial loss and crime in all your professional and private endeavors. Our tactical approach to security needs and private investigations is through specialized training and years of experience in diverse clientele conflict resolutions.

Paradox Prevention provides twenty four years of specialized training and tactical experience with a unique approach to complex situations, with effective solutions tailored to the exact needs of our clients. Our first priority and end result is meeting our client’s needs, concerns and expectations, that means providing professional services.


Operation Mgr. 24 Years Industry Experience
Private Practice Operating For Over 15 Years
Integrated Field Experience:

8 Years Commercial Property Protection
8 Years Industrial & Private Residential Protection Consulting
9 Years Plain Cloths Operator Retail Crimes
13 Years Civil & Criminal Investigations (Private Pratice)
7 Years Corporate Security B.C. Ministry [P.S.S.G.]



Your first step should be understanding that Private Investigators are not miracle workers who can find out anything in less then one hour. Private Investigators usually spend a large amount of time doing data research to support facts as well as countless hours of surveillance that sometimes produces minimal results. So before you decide whether or not to hire a Private Investigator make sure you fully understand that investigations take time as well as research.

Your second step in hiring a Private Investigator should be well thought out. The more information you can provide towards the answers you are looking for will reduce your overall costs and length of investigation.
Example: I need you to follow a brown car. Helpful hints to add: Brown Honda Civic Licence Plate etc.

Your final step towards hiring a Private Investigator should be when you feel comfortable with the investigator knowing they understand exactly what you need. You should have no hesitations or nervous feeling when asking questions in regards to your case. If you don’t feel you can trust the person you’re thinking of hiring then discontinue your inquiry with that Investigation Company and shop around until you find one that meets your needs and concerns with trust.

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